Annas passion for shoes probably started `99 during her studies in fashion design at the University of Art and Design in Halle/ Saale, Germany,  where she did a project with the artist and shoemaker from Vienna, Joseph Gerger. She then applied for a scholarship and went to the Cordwainers College in London right after her design diploma in fashion in 2000. With a postgraduate degree in footwear and accessories she returned 2001 to Germany and started to work in the industry in 2002. First at the MSC Holding, moving right into the position as a ladies shoe designer. Traveling between production sights in Hungary, Italy and Asia and living in Barcelona and Düsseldorf changed 2005 as she went to Hamburg to become ladies shoe designer for Görtz. The participation in development and production took her then to Italy and Spain. In 2008 she became freelance and is working now for various brands as well as on her own projects. Anna grew up in Halle/Saale, on the Baltic coast, lived `93 one year in Texas, Amerika, works in Germany and abroad and is currently based in Hamburg.



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mob: +49 176 25262056